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South Dakota Psychiatric Association


The South Dakota Psychiatric Association was established as an independent branch of the American Psychiatric Association in 1977.   Formerly, South Dakota was a part of the South Dakota/Nebraska District Branch.   The new branch was formed to foster better communication as a state-wide organization.    The Constitution and Bylaws were developed under the new name, South Dakota Psychiatric Association.    Dr. David Bean was the first president.


The organization’s purposes are the overall advancement of psychiatry and psychiatric patients.


Specifically, The South Dakota Branch’s goals are to:

1)      Improve the treatment facilities in South Dakota

2)      To advance the scientific understanding of mental illness

3)      To improve access to treatment for psychiatric illness

4)      To facilitate the provision of up-to-date treatment options throughout the state of South Dakota.


It is understood that we will interact with Advocacy Organizations, State Government, and teaching facilities wherever we can to further the above goals.


We also will strive to bring knowledge to psychiatrists and other mental health professionals, to educate all medical practitioners, and to bring accurate information about mental illness to the public.


We will use the resources of the American Psychiatric Association and promote these aims and objectives.






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